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Testing Strategies

One of the best ways to succeed online is by conversion rate optimization (CRO). It's also easy to spend a lot of your budget and time on testing that doesn't yield any meaningful information.

To be successful at CRO it is very important for you to know your goals and how to create the right tests to achieve your goals efficiently.

At Major Keys, we have seen thousands of tests ran on hundreds of companies. We have turned all of our knowledge from observing these tests into condense and very effective methods for building amazing and actionable tests.

Having great testing tactics creates great results. You can expect a dramatic increase in your website performance and profitability if you have the right strategy in place.


Let the Data Decide

Without great data it is very hard to predict people. You have to test if you want to discover what your niche market is into, how you can increase conversion, and how to improve your revenue-per-visitor.

Companies that do not test end up guessing which changes matter and which visitors are important. There is always a small probability that they guess right, but the probability of guessing wrong is much higher and will end up dramatically hurting profitability.

The best way to make a decision is via data-driven method. Having analytics can provide helpful information such as two different elements being connected to one another, but the important part is understanding the reasoning behind why those two different elements are connected to one another.

With testing, you can have a control group so you can determine what are the cause and effect. There is no more guessing game and wondering how one part of your site is affecting your conversion rate.

Knowing which elements of your site affects your visitors gives you the ability to optimize your website for better conversion rate so you can hit your business goals.

Efficiency Equation

To make sure that our testing tactics are built to give the most important results we have developed a mathematical equation to give us results as fast as possible.

This equation make us practice what we preach by calculating our own efficiency rate with hard data.

They are 3 key componenets to our efficiency equation: population, impact and cost. We'll skip the boring calculating parts, but by being able to optimize each of these componenets we are able to focus on testing sections of your website that are more likely to have an impact in shortest possible time.

Target Revenue

Increasing your website traffic is nice, increasing your conversion rate is much better, but what truly matters is increasing your bottom line.

Connecting the dots between your online marketing and revenu is not always easy. A lot of companies and agencies concentrate on one thing instead of doing skin-deep metrics. Of course, indicators of bounce rates and page views are helpful information to have, but they don't always affect your bottom line.

You are not doing a marketing campaign to get to a 25% bounce rate and a 25% increase in profit.

At Major Keys, our main goal in every test is to help you make more money. Our ultimate goal in every testing success or failure metrics is to increase your revenue and profitability and not just give you surface level improvements in your traffic and engagment.

Optimize the 3 Fs

The main part of our CRO tactics revolves around what three Fs: First Impression, Flow, and Funnel.

The landing pages of your website is where customers get the first impression. It is incredibly important to make the best first impression possible but that is just the begining of the conversion process. Once they land on your website there is a lot of potential paths to conversion they can take so it is important to have a smooth journey for them from click-to-close.

On top of landing page optimization it is very important to test the flow of the pages through the conversion process. This gives us the ability to see how your potential customers are interacting with your website and conclude how different pages affect your conversion process.

Last but not least, optimization is very important as your visitors get to the end of your conversion funnel. Pin pointing which funnel elements are where customers drop-off and which aspects promotes conversion can have a massive impact on effectiveness of your entire website.

Addressing and optimizing the 3 Fs provides us with the complete view of your websites performance that we would need to boost your bottom line.

CRO Testing That Works

If you are going to do CRO then you should do it right. At Major Keys, we have built a wide range of custom in house testings and techniques that quickly deliver the results your business needs.

If we are focusing on the optimization of the three 3Fs or the efficiency equation, our top priority is always your profitability. The results enables a lot of companies to redefine what they expect out of their website performance and profit.

To discover how we can implement our testing techniques so you can get more out of your website and disrupt your niche market, contact us today!

Turn your traffic into profit.