Considering a site redesign? A standard redesign can
decrease conversions by 20-40%.

For great results, test into your redesign.

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Design by Testing

Majority of businesses and companies suddenly redo their website. They go years without any changes or updates and out of the blue they redo their entire website, cross their fingers, and push live. Hoping that the new website could outperform the old one.

This strategy wastes a lot of time, money, and man power because it is entirely based on guessing how their customers will respond to their website.

At Major Keys, we approach design by testing. In other words, we slowly improve and change your website as we go, testing to learn how your customers react to it and with each successful testing a winning experience is coded into the new website. This way, your website slowly evolves to become better and better.

Making your website slowly and testing everything is not only fun, but you will end up with a better design, and it is incredibly more profitable.


A Redesign You Can Trust

When done correctly a website redesign can drastically improve your conversion rate. The typical "revolutionary site redesign" has more harm than good but with our Design By Evolution you will get all of the advantage of a redesign without the risk of overhauling your website.

They are two major advantages to Design By Evolution over the traditional website redesign approach:


Typically speaking, redesigning your entire website takes a lot of time and effort, but, in contrast, continuously improving your website can be done quickly and efficiently. Generally speaking, redoing your website from ground up takes an enormous amount of time and effort.

Data Driven

Usually when it comes to web design people rely heavily on what "best practice" is or "gut instinct". However, Design By Evolution builds your website to meet and capitalize to the needs of your niche target market.

Why Use Design By Evolution?

DBE is designed around optimization and constant testing. You get the updates that are needed for your website to drive profit.

At Major Keys, we have used our Design By Evolution to assist businesses and corporations to succeed in a spectrum of markets. We have repeatedly seen our strategy work and believe in our ability to design you a website for success.

If you are ready to put your website through an evolutionary design so you can have a breakthrough in profitability and performance, contact us today!

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