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eCommerce Management

An eComerce store is a great way to put your products in front of the ever-growing market online. There are over 193 million online shoppers in US alone. Having an eCommerce is nearly a necessity for most product based companies.

Based on the number of shoppers online it shouldn't be a surprise that attracting customers to your eCommerce has become a massive battle that takes a lot of thoughts, persistence, and, most importantly, skills to win.

At Major Keys, we have helped hundreds of businesses optimize their advertising and sales to become successful, so we know what works and what doesn't.


Managing your Data Feed

A huge time consuming but yet, very crucial part of running a successful eCommerce across multiple platforms is how to create and maintain a feed of products.

One way we take your advertising to the next level is by creating you a product feed that is built for flexibility and scalability. We do this by either creating your product feed or working with your developers to create one. Once this is completed, you will be able to be broadcast across all shopping networks that you use.

We top this with our powerful analytics tools that are able to determine which products are most profitable, which channel creates the best results for which product, and whether a product is worth advertising online.

All of this combined optimizes your advertising tactics and feed so you are setup for success.

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Shopping Online

They are vast amount of channels that you can advertise your products and each one has it's one strengths and weaknesses. The days of simply creating a few PPC ads and waiting for the sales to roll in are long gone.

To get the most out of your eCommerce store you have to have a deep understanding of leveraging the advertising options that are available to you.


The worlds largest eCommerce marketplace, Amazon, is able to give you the opportunities that you need to get your product noticed.

But, you also have a lot of competition. If you do not have a great strategy and tactic on how to deal with them then it is going to be extremely difficult to make any profit off of its paid search advertising.

Google Shopping

Google shopping gives merchants the chance of selling a product right from the search results page.

At Major Keys, our google shopping campaigns are created around optimization to maximize profitability. This is done by making sure your products are associated with the right keywords most likely to result in sales.

Bing/Yahoo Shopping

Even though Bing and Yahoo are similar to Google they have their own unique demographics and users. Therefore, you are not able to assume that what works on one platform will work on theirs.

We create custom ads for each channel so you are able to take advantage of the opportunities available in its networks and subsidiaries. This will assist to success on Bing or Yahoo.

Shopping Engines Comparison

To assist potential customers to find the best prices available there are shopping engine comparison that allows real-time price comparison across different marketplaces.

At Major Keys, to maximize our clients' profitability we use our access to dozens of marketplaces to test out multiple price points so our clients are able to get the most value out of their eCommerce.

Have an eCommerce That Works

We have helped a lot of companies discover their true marketing potential and create jaw-dropping results. This is because we understand how eCommerce works. We know where campaigns fail, why they break down, and how to optimize them for sales and profitability.

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