98% of your site traffic leaves without converting
and never returns.

We can fix that with retargeting.

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After all of the hard work it takes to get traffic to a website only 2% of traffic take the desired action before leaving.

Majority of visitors don't convert, not because they were not interested in the offering but because they were either curious or got distracted checking out the competition. But, sadly, once they are leave, they are gone.

This is where retargeting comes in. Retargeting (aka remarketing) gives websites the ability to place their products and/or service in front of potential clients that left before converting. If this is done correctly, retargeting can be a continuous reminder to those visitors that "Hey, you were interested in this... give it another chance!"


How Does It Work?

Retargeting anonymously follows users across the web by using cookies.

You use a small snippet of a code in your website that "drops" an anonymous cookie onto the visitors' browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, ...). Later on we can use this cookie to retarget visitors across platforms like Google or Facebook by displaying ads at different places throughout their platform.

This is very important for markets with longer sell cycles such as B2B companies, recruiting, or higher education. To make sure you get the best results possible each retargeting platform gives you an array of parameters so you are able to optimize your retargeted ads.

Just like any other form of paid advertising, you have to bid to have your ads displayed, but usually remarketing costs a lot less. Therefore, retargeting is an easier and cheaper method to bring in potential customers that you would have otherwise lost.

Retargeting Channels

Majority of people know about Google Display Network but there are a few other platforms that you can use to drive traffic back to your site through their retargeting platform.

Google Remarketing

Google's Display Network is an incredible platform that gives you the ability to tailor your remarketing so you are able to stay on your visitors' mind.

You can create your tailored ads based on what pages and/or products a visitor looked at while on your site. Each specific visitor and demographic can get incredibly tailored ads to increase your conversion and revenue.

Dynamic Retargeting

When you have dozens or hundreds of products, creating a remarketing campaign through traditional AdWords is basically impossible to create or maintain.

This is where dynamic retargeting comes in. This method gives you the ability to create a single campaign that is easy to update based on the products that your visitors viewed.

Instead of showing random products during your remarketing ad you are able to show the visitor the products that they viewed during their visit.

Social Retargeting

Facebook has an estimated 1.6 billion users. Twitter has an estimated 300 million. There is a high probability that you are able to find your visitors that didn't convert on one of these two networks.

By using social retargeting, you are able to retarget your visitor on social network feeds. This provides the benefit of remarketing and audience segmentation, and the ability to personalize the ads.

Double win!

Get More Out of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

At Major Keys we acknowledge that your marketing campaign does not stop at a click of a PPC ad. Your potential clients need to be nurtured.

To capture every conversion possible for our clients we perform retargeting ads on multiple platforms combined.

To discover how we'll use retargeting to maximize your conversion rate, contact us today!

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