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Conversion Rate Optimization

One metric that can have a huge impact on your online marketing is conversion rate optimization (CRO). Sadly, not all tests are created equal. Executing the wrong tests at the wrong time can resulting in a lot of wasted time and money.

At Major Keys Marketing, we have created an efficient CRO that is profit-driven to gives our clients the ability to take their marketing to the next level.


Turn your site into a conversion machine.

We’re Passionate About CRO

Traffic without good conversion means nothing. At Major Keys we spend a lot of time on conversion rate optimization to drastically lower our clients cost-per-lead and increase their websites conversion.

After improving conversion rate optimization for hundreds of companies we have built a passion for CRO. We live and breathe by it and enjoy using it to bring our clients incredible results.

What Makes Major Keys Different?

We never put your campaigns on autopilot.

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Specialized Services

We have taken our years of experience to take our conversion rate optimization to a whole new level. CRO is our specialty, and we have even built multiple in house techniques to help our clients get the most out of their websites as quickly as possible.

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Test Everything

Everything on your website can either benefit or harm your website traffic. The major key to success is to discover what is helping and what is hurting your conversion rate.

To have a successful optimization you have to test everything. You can not assume what is going to hurt or help your website traffic. Therefore, to learn what truly matters you have to test everything.

At Major Keys we look at everything. To name a few: layout, graphics, images, backgrounds, headlines, copy, elements (in groups or individual), pop ups, placement, size, alignment, colors, layouts, forms, promotions, placements, pricing...the list goes on.

We believe there should not be anything that goes untested, that's why over time we slowly test it all!

A/B & Multivariate Testing

The best converting pages are not always the best looking ones. To maximize our clients return-on-investment, we do rigorous A/B tests to compare how different changes to the website affects conversion rate.

To get the most out of our testings we also run multivariate tests to gauge how combinations of multiple elements affects a websites performance. These sophisticated tests provide us with the information we need to maximize our clients' conversion rate.

From thousands of A/B and multivariate tests we build methodologies that gives us the ability to efficiently get the information needed to improve conversion rates.

Best Tools, Best Methods

If you want to get great CRO results you need to have the right tools. At Major Keys, to get actionable data from our tests we use advance testing tools such as VWO and Optimizely.

Even though testing tools make our lives easier, what truly matters is how you leverage them. By combining our ground breaking testing strategies with these amazing tools we are capable of designing and running tests that dramatically improve our customers bottom line.

Our Clients

We have created jaw-dropping results for hunderds of clients. In fact, you have probably been to one of the sites that we've optimized.

While CRO can greatly benefit your website, the amount of traffic to your website will greatly impact how many tests are able to effectively run at any time. For websites with low amount of traffic, a convincing test can take months. The major key is to get started and be consistent if you want the best possible results.


More Than Your Average CRO Agency

You can transform your business with a good conversion rate optimization. We have seen it happen over and over.

To see how you can reanalyze your online presence and take over your niche market, contact us today!

Stop guessing. Start testing.