76% of AdWords Budgets are Completely Wasted

What’s hiding in your campaigns?

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What Your AdWords Audit Will Include

We provide our clients with a 32 point account audit. These assist our clients to get the most out of their AdWords account.

  • Potential wasted budget
  • Account activity
  • Account diagnostics
  • Keyword audit
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Display campaigns
  • Retargeting strategy
  • Negative keywords
  • GEO targeting
  • Quality score distribution
  • Budget efficiency
  • Google shopping audit
  • Settings review
  • Ad copy review
  • Mobile strategy
  • Landing pages
  • Mobile apps
  • Click-through-rate
  • Strategy review
  • Keyword efficiency
  • Market share
  • Day parting
  • Device distribution
  • Potential wasted budget
  • Keyword audit
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Geotargeting
  • Budget efficiency
  • Mobile strategy
  • Landing pages
  • Strategy review
  • Market share


Why Should You Audit Your Account?

No matter everyones best attempt, mistakes always happen. It's best to discover them and take corrective action.

Without a proper audit, you can overlook those very costly mistakes.

At Major Keys, our account audits are meant to discover opportunities to maximize your growth on daily basis.

You will be surprised at what we are able to find.

Here are few of the problems we frequently encounter:

Money-Draining Keywords

A poor keyword choice results in a low-quality score. This translates to big penalties. On average, the quality score for most accounts is 3/10 which translates to 30-40% premium on every click due to its quality score.

By discovering and eliminating these keywords we can use that budget to invest into keywords that are actually bringing quality traffic that convert into profit.

Account Management is "Gone Fishing"

It's sad to say that only 10% of account managers and agencies do their jobs correctly by optimizing accounts on weekly basis.

Because of this, many accounts are crippled by it. By paying attention to AdWords accounts that have been ignored it can produce overnight results.

Low Impression Share

Because of subpar budget allocation, most campaigns with great ads are not showing up for a lot of keywords.

Using the right keywords to increase impression to over 90% usually results in an increase in profitability by at least 30%.

Poor Landing Pages

88% of our audited account (including eCommerce product pages) are not sending the clicks they get to relevant high-converting landing pages.

You can cripple your convertion rate by ~52% with bad landing pages. You can drastically double your profitability by sending your traffic to optimized landing pages.

Get the Most Out of Your AdWords Accounts

It takes a lot to do an AdWord audit, but the result can transform your company. If you are interested in taking your paid search and online marketing to the next level our account strategists are here to provide you with an in-depth 32 point account audit.

We'll be able to show you where you are succeeding and falling short to develop a strategy to take your AdWords campaign to the next level.

To start getting amazing performance out of your AdWords accounts, contact us and get your free PPC account audit today!

Discover what’s hiding in your campaigns.