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Facebook Advertising

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook has become the most dominant in the world, and with over a billion active users every month, there is no questioning that. Though, leveraging it can be a difficult challenge.

To run a successful advertising on Facebook, advertisers need to have a deep understanding on how to drive traffic & efficiently use audience targeting to drive engagement so they can get the most out of their Facebook advertising budget.

To generate great results we know how to place the right ads in the right place. We at Major Keys are driven to bring our clients the best results possible.


Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

There are many strategies to target your potential clients on Facebook.

Unlike AdWords, Facebook allows you to capture potential clients before they are actively looking to purchase. If you target your audiences correctly, you can capture them much higher in the sales funnel. In other words, you get them before they hit any other platform (ie AdWords) can.

Targeting your Audiences Correctly

Facebook provides you with basic ways of targeting your potential customers using categories such as gender, interest, age, location, and even potential income. To truly get the most out your campaigns, use custom build audiences so you can capture the potential customers that would produce more profit for your company.

There are few options that allow you to quickly setup your custom audiences. For example, Facebook allows you to upload email lists or even leads you've generated somewhere else.

1) Use Facebook to retarget your audience. This a great way to get in front of your potential customers and reinforce your marketing tactics.

2) Use your current target audiences to build a "lookalike" campaign that would create a new pool of potential customers that have similar characteristics to your current target audiences. This is an incredibly effective way to build traffic from a new source of audiences with high potential conversions.

To build these types of successful custom audiences you have to view it as an open-ended job that requires continuous optimization. However, it is worth it because in the end you have set yourself up for great success.

Facebook Campaigns Optimization

To set up a successful Ad Campaign you need more than just a great target audience. It is essential that you do a lot of testing.

The general rule of thumb is to have a few varieties of promoted content and ads running because sometimes the least expected ones will connect with your audiences the most. This way, you can grasp what works best.

Also, you need to make sure the clicks that you are getting from landing pages are turning into sales. Like PPC platforms (AdWords), just getting traffic is not enough. You want to create a consistent experience that convinces your potential clients to convert.

The key to a profitable Facebook Campaign is testing by discovering what connects and captures your target audiences.

The Major Keys Difference

Running a Facebook campaign is not a simple "set it and forget it" type of deal. Facebook is always changing and growing in the world of advertising, and if you want to get more out of it, you have to change and grow with it.

At Major Keys, we are constantly monitoring and optimizing our clients' Facebook campaigns ads and audiences to get the most profit at the lowest cost possible.

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